Mission Statement

The Yale Club of Beijing (北京耶鲁校友会) is an informal social group comprising of alumni and friends of Yale University. It is affiliated with the Association of Yale Alumni in New Haven, CT, a group of alumni formed to support the objectives of Yale University by serving as a bridge between the University and its alumni body. The objective of the Club is to perform this function for alumni in Beijing as well as support and promote the principles, values, and objectives of Yale University by activities including, but not limited, to:

a) Conducting and participating in informative and social activities for the edification, fellowship and enjoyment of members and guests;

b) Contributing to China through volunteerism and service;

c) Supporting other Yale groups and programs in Beijing;

d) Promoting inter-cultural exchange, understanding, and dialogue between China and the United States.

e) Developing alliances and/or joint programs with other Yale Clubs and/or other alumni clubs in Beijing, as considered appropriate and feasible by the Board;