Entrepreneurs Hub


The Yale Entrepreneurs Hub’s mission is to help the Yale entrepreneurs community develop and thrive by creating a venue for communicating, learning, and networking. We hope to support and inspire Yale alumni to make positive impact through innovation.

Admissions Criteria

Each member must be a founder or co-founder of a registered company and satisfy one of the following: had enrolled in a Yale University degree program, received a degree from Yale University, had taught or worked at Yale University, or be a current student, instructor, or employee of Yale University.

While we recognize that innovation and diversity go hand-in-hand, it is important that our members strive to be consistent with Yale’s value and do not engage in unethical business practice. Membership of the association does not imply permission to use Yale’s brand in any commercial activity.

Member Benefits

  • Cross-domain learning opportunities.
  • Events to network with other Yale alumni entrepreneurs.
  • Lectures/courses given by Yale faculty, alumni, or external experts.
  • Group recruiting events and campaigns.
  • Connect with potential investors and business partners.

We will continue to expand services and benefits for members through partnerships.

How to Join

Please fill out the following form. Your submission will be reviewed and confirmed by us.

Current Members

Ordered alphabetically by last name:

  • Adam BAO (YC ‘12), Harbinger founder
  • Brian(Liangbin) CAI (M.A., Computer Science), Fotchain