Notes on The AYA Assembly on November 13 & 14, by Ben Cheng, President

I came, I saw, I “concurred”. I went to the Assembly wondering whether this year’s theme “The Entrepreneurial Spirit at Yale” is a misnomer. I came back totally impressed, by the number of entrepreneurs at / from Yale and the many initiatives on campus.

From Yale Entrepreneurship Institute’s Fellowship program coaching budding Yale entrepreneurs to the Health Hackathon, from the Shark Tank where Yale students pitched their ideas to an investor panel to Victor Wong’s (_Forbes_30 under 30) venture of founding PaperG and YaleTech networking group, Yale students and alumni provided examples after examples of their entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Any remaining doubt was erased by Internet entrepreneur Kevin Ryan, who noted in his keynote speech that 70% of Internet companies in New York City are started by liberal arts majors. Here are the highlights and video clips: We are working on bringing some of these presentation/activities to Beijing. (Ideas and volunteers welcome.)

Changing track, AYA Executive Director Mark Dollhoph reminded us of Yale’s long tradition of service, whether it is Timothy Dwight’s desire to inspire students to “act like… citizens of a world”, or Nathan Hale’s “I wish to be useful”. This is very much what the Club has been doing, with service being a central theme of our activities.

Last, but not the least, we officially received the AYA Excellence Award Certificate. Again, loads of thanks to all those who have volunteered through the years to build this thriving organization. Pic4